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McCormack Universal Disc Player

We have the new McCormack UDP-1 player. All disc formats are supported (CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SACD 2 and Multi-Channel, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-R, +R, -RW, +RW, Dolby Digital, DTS). Truly exceptional sound and picture in another thoughtful product designed by Steve McCormack. The emphasis is on the best audio quality possible today. And sound brings the excitement and thrills to your favorite movies, and music. Progressive and Interlaced video switchable on the front panel. Even a VIDEO OFF button on the front panel. Nice! Available in Silver and Black brushed aluminum finish. With full function remote control.

Great Audio

Here is a DVD player that puts its emphasis on Sound. Excellent digital to analog converters and thoughtful circuit design bring out the best audio quality. Why duplicate the digital to analog converters in both the player and the Pre-Amplifier/Processor? So Steve McCormack applied some careful analysis and came to the conclusion one set of very high quality DACs is all that is needed. Put them in the disc player and all formats have access to the best digital to analog conversion. No need for a second set of DACs in the Pre/Pro helps simplify the circuitry and elimanates the noise created by digital circuitry in the chassis.

The high resolution formats DVD-Audio (DVD-A) and Super Audio CD (SA-CD) are output as analog by format decree. The studios do not want high resolution music files loose on the internet (piracy concerns). So all disc players must output DVD-A and SA-CD as analog 6 channel. Why not put superior processing in the player and remove them from the Pre/Pro? All discs will benefit from the best DACs. Seems logical to me, too.

Great Video

Yes, this player has excellent video quality, both interlaced and progressive. No questionable upconversion to HD. Just where does the "extra" information come from when 480i becomes 720p or 1080i? Those HD output players cost less than $400. Not really the quality components you might hope for. If you have a high quality scaler in your system, why not use it. Send the 480i or 480p from the UDP-1. You will not be dissappointed with the picture quality. Rich, saturated colors, all the detail available from the best DVD-Video discs with no edge "enhancement".


McCormack Audio has created an exceptional product that shows an unusual appreciation for what is needed to produce the best sound and picture. By putting the technology into the player they have improved the preamplifier. That is thinking outside the box. Great audio that is immediately apparent and beautiful video. That's what I want. How about you?

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