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New Products

Parasound Halo

Parasound Halo is now available for audition. Halo is continuing to introduce new products that represent top level performance at affordable prices. The legendary John Curl is responsible for the outstanding sound quality of these products. New products include the JC-3 phono preamp and the A-31 three-channel amplifier with a massive 250 watts per channel. A very complete lineup of gear that addresses both the dedicated 2-channel and multi-channel markets.

Pass Labs

Pass Labs is very well known for their Class A amplifier designs. They have continued to elevate the benchmark for performance in both amplifiers and preamplifiers. The evolution of design has wrought extended levels of listening pleasure that has to be experienced. These new products have achieved a level of soffistication that are very true to the source. They offer electronics from the integrated amplifiers to the all out assault of the true separates. If you are a serious music lover this is a must audition.

JVC 3D Projectors

JVC introduced new projectors that include the latest 3D technology. There are 3 new models ranging from a modest $3495.00 RS-45 to the Reference RS-65 at $11,995.00 msrp. With 3D prevalent in the Theaters now you can have that experience in the comfort of your own Home. Come by to audition what fun 3D in the Home Theater can be.

Oppo Universal Blu-Ray Players

Oppo Digital has been well known for their remarkable high quality and extreme value in DVD players. Their latest introduction of new Blu-Ray players has taken that to a new level. Starting will a all new ground up design, the BDP-93 now has 3D, internet streaming capability and new video processing. The BDP-95 adds a new audio stage that includes better quality DAC's and XLR balanced stereo outputs. This player will challenge some of the best players out there for high end audio quality. They are Universal Players that will play just about any disc in your collection.

Anthony Gallo Strada

Anthony Gallo Acoustics is on a mission with the Reference speaker line. Anthony has again managed to design a modestly small speaker that has the capability of taking on the much larger and more expensive competition. They are for the most part, the upper end of the Reference 3.5 floor standing speaker. They have an uncanny ability to just disappear in the system. To get the most from them you should couple them with the new TR3 powered Subwoofer.

Vandersteen Audio Treo

With more than 35 years building speakers, Vandersteen has introduced this new model to their already legendary lineup. This new speaker incorporates most of the new driver technology that came from the more expensive Quatro without the powered woofer. A smaller form factor makes this a pleasing aesthetic choice with many choices of wood finishes. A legendary speaker in performance and value. A highly recommended must audition.

M2Tech Young DAC

M2Tech is new to this country. They are well known in Europe for their high quality and extremely good value. They are introducing new products that will extract the most from your digital system whether it is component or computer based. They have the interfaces for taking just about any kind of input whether it is USB, coax, balanced digital AES-EBU, or toslink. Superb sounding 32 bit DAC's with the capability of sample rates up to 384khz. Outstanding, and highly recommended!