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Used & Vintage Equipment

Demo and Used Equipment For Sale!


BrandDescriptionOrig. RetailSell PriceStatus
MARTIN LOGANTHEOS Electrostatic Speakers – excellent Black Finish$2,499.00For
McINTOSHMR-71 Stereo Tube FM Tuner. Very Nice Condition All Original$895.00For Sale
EVERGREEN AUDIO TECH.EAT-2 Single Ended Class A Balanced Stereo Amplifier – 60w x2 $6,995.00$1,695.00For Sale
PSEStudio 4 Stereo Amplifier$399.00For Sale
PSEStudio 1 Stereo Preamp with Phono$499.00For Sale
PSEStudio 3 FM Stereo Tuner$300.00For Sale
ROTELRB-976 MK II 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-Channel Amplifier$350.00For Sale
VANS EVERSModel 11 Clean Line Jr. – Digital Line Conditioner$325.00$150.00For Sale
MARANTZ 5220 Cassette Deck with Walnut Wood Case$549.00For Sale
PIONEERRT-909 Reel to Reel with 10 inch Reels$2,299.00For Sale
YAMAHAPX-3 Quartz Direct Drive Linear Tracking Turntable w/original box$695.00For Sale
DAHLQUISTDQ-LP1 Subwoofer Crossover – 2 available$100.00 eachFor Sale
ISOLATION PLATFORMSVarious Isolation Platforms and AccessoriesInquireFor Sale
KLIPSCH Klipschorn Corner Horns with Crossover Upgrades – 1978 model Oiled Walnut$5,499.00For Sale
KLIPSCH Forte II Speakers – pair Black Lacquer$925.00For Sale
MAGNEPLANAR1.7 Planar Magnetic Speakers – pair Black Cloth$2,000.00InquireFor
VANDERSTEEN AUDIO Model 5A Speakers – pair Custom Walnut$18,000.00InquireFor Sale
VANDERSTEEN AUDIO Model 1B Floorstanding Speakers – pair$1,100.00$249.00For Sale
PARASOUND HALOJC-1 Balanced Mono Amplifiers – pair Silver$8,995.00InquireFor
PARASOUND HALOJC-2 BP Balanced Stereo Linestage Preamp with Theater Bypass – Silver$3,995.00InquireFor
YAMAHAB2x Stereo Power AmpInquireFor Sale
HARBETH35th Anniversary Model 30.1 Speakers – pair Natural Cherry with boxes$5,699.00$2,799.00For Sale
CLEARAUDIOMatrix Semi Automatic Record Cleaning Machine$3,500.00$895.00For
GINGKO AUDIOCloud 9S Vibration Isolation Base for VPI Scout$400.00$225.00For Sale
DYNACOST-70 Stereo Tube Amplifier with UpgradesInquireFor Sale
QUADModel 57 Electrostatic Speakers – pairInquireFor Sale
MARANTZ Model 10B Tube TunerInquireFor Sale
MARANTZ Model 8B Stereo Tube Amplifier with CageInquireFor Sale
MARANTZ Model 7C Stereo Tube Preamp with Phono and Wood CaseInquireFor Sale
SPATIAL COHERENCETFET Preamp with Steve McCormack mods$175.00For Sale
QUAD405 II Mono Amplifiers with Steve McCormack mods$895.00For Sale
ESSENCETopaz Modular Time Aligned Speakers – pair$499.00For Sale
SILENT  SOURCEVarious Music Reference RCA Interconnects – 1.2m and 3mInquireFor Sale
TRANSITION AUDIOSilver RCA Audio Cables – 3 meter pair   (2 pair available)InquireFor Sale
KIMBER KABLESelect KS-3033 Copper Speaker Cables with WBT Spades – 4.5 ft pr$2,900.00InquireFor Sale
KIMBER KABLESelect KS-3035 Hybrid Silver-Copper Speaker Cables with WBT Spades – 4.5ft pr.$5,200.00InquireFor Sale
B&W802 D2 Floorstanding Speakers – pair Cherry FinishInquireFor Sale
BALANCED AUDIO TECHP-10se Tube Phono Stage with SuperpacInquireFor Sale
AUDIO RESEARCHREF 3 Tube Line Stage PreampInquireFor Sale
AUDIO RESEARCHSP-9 MK II Tube Preamplifier with New Tubes$1,199.00For Sale
VPIClassic Signature Turntable – BlackInquireFor Sale
VPISDS Power Conditioner and Speed ControllerInquireFor Sale
LYRAETNA Low Output Moving Coil CartridgeInquireFor Sale
CLASSECA-200 Balanced Stereo AmplifierInquireFor Sale
CLASSECAM-200 Balanced Mono AmplifiersInquireFor Sale

VINTAGE EQUIPMENT with full restoration

BrandDescriptionOrig. RetailSell PriceStatus
MARANTZ 3300 Stereo Preamp with Phono$1,199.00For Sale
MARANTZ 3600 Stereo Preamp with Phono$799.00For Sale
MARANTZ 1060 Stereo Integrated Amp with Wood Case$899.00For Sale
MARANTZ 2275 Stereo Receiver$1,699.00For Sale
DYNACOST-70 Stereo Tube Amplifier with UpgradesInquireFor Sale


BrandDescriptionOrig. RetailSell PriceStatus
MARANTZ 2330B Stereo Receiver with Original WC-143 Wood Case$2,199.00For Sale
DUAL 1229Q Fully Automatic Turntable – w/o Cartridge    (can install your choice)$299.00For Sale


BrandDescriptionOrig. RetailSell PriceStatus
DENONAVR-X3700H 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos Receiver   (new in box)$1,599.00$1,099.00For Sale
KEFLS50 Limited Edition Speakers – pair Titanium Grey $1,500.00$795.00For Sale
KEFR5 Floorstanding Speakers – pair Gloss White$3,300.00InquireFor Sale
KEFQ150 Bookshelf Speakers – pair Walnut     (New in Box)$599.00$299.00For Sale
RIVAFestival Powered Wireless Speaker$799.00$150.00For Sale
PARADIGMMillenia One Bookshelf Speakers – pair$499.00$249.00For Sale
PARADIGMPW-800 Powered Wireless Speaker with PlayFi    (new in box)$799.00$199.00For Sale
PARADIGMPW-300 Powered Wireless Speaker with PlayFi    (new in box)$329.00$95.00For Sale
ELACDebut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers – pair Black$350.00$269.00For Sale
MARTIN LOGANMotion 4i Speakers – pair Gloss Black$499.00InquireFor Sale
NADMaster Series M33 Integrated Amp with Streaming DAC and DIRAC$5,999.00InquireFor Sale
GOLD NOTEPA-10 Stereo Amplifier with Balanced and Bridge Mono$1,999.00InquireFor Sale
GOLD NOTEVolare 425 Plus Turntable with Vasari Gold MM Cartridge – Walnut$2,799.00InquireFor Sale
GOLD NOTEIS-1000 Deluxe Integrated Amplifier$6,299.00InquireFor Sale
QUICKSILVER AUDIOMono 60 Tube Amplifiers – pair$3,299.00InquireFor Sale
QUICKSILVER AUDIOMono 120 Tube Amplifiers with Tungsol KT-150’s$4,895.00InquireFor Sale
VPIPrime Turntable with 3D UniPivot Tonearm$4,500.00InquireFor Sale
VPI Turntable Stand with 3 Shelves for Equipment$1,400.00InquireFor Sale
VPIClassic JMW 9 Tonearm Wand           (for Scout and Scout Prime)$1,300.00InquireFor Sale
VPIClassic JMW 10 Tonearm Wand           (New in Box)$1,300.00InquireFor Sale
VPIJMW 10 3D Tonearm Wand$2,000.00InquireFor Sale
VANDERSTEEN AUDIO Model 5HP Balanced High Pass Crossovers – pair  (new in box)$1695.00$650.00For Sale
M2TECHYoung 384/32 USB DAC$1,695.00$450.00For Sale
OPPO DIGITALHA-1 Headphone Amp/Preamp with ESS Pro DAC and Balanced$1,199.00InquireFor Sale
MUSIC SERVERCustom CAPS Music Server with SOtM USB Card and SSD Drive$1,899.00InquireFor Sale
MATRIX AUDIOMRC-8 Multi-Room Audio System w/ (5) Keypads$4,500.00$400.00For Sale
ANTHONY GALLO ACOUS.Micro Speakers – Wine pair with Micro Floorstands$659.00$200.00For Sale
ANTHONY GALLO ACOUS.DUE Speaker Floorstands – pair Black  (new in box)$365.00$75.00For Sale
ANTHONY GALLO ACOUS.A`Diva Speaker Floorstands – pair Black $350.00$75.00For Sale
AUDIOQUEST Falcon AES-EBU Balanced Digital Cable – 2 meter$350.00InquireFor Sale
AUDIOQUEST Thunder IEC Powercords –  1.5m and 2mInquireFor Sale
AUDIOQUEST Tornado IEC Powercords –  1.5m and 2mInquireFor Sale
AUDIOQUEST Meteor Speaker Cables – 8ft pair BiWire with SpadesInquireFor Sale
AUDIOQUEST Various Demo and Closeout CablesInquireFor Sale
WIREWORLDVarious Demo and Closeout CablesInquireFor Sale
SILENT  SOURCEVarious Music Reference and Signature RCA Interconnects – 1.2m InquireFor Sale
SILENT  SOURCESignature Source and High Current Powercords – 2mInquireFor Sale
SALAMANDER DESIGNSVarious Cabinets, Doors, Side Panels, Feet, and AccessoriesInquireFor Sale
SALAMANDER DESIGNSSynergy Single 20 Cabinet – Walnut  –  New in Box$499.00InquireFor Sale
SALAMANDER DESIGNSSynergy Single 30 Cabinet and Accessories – Maple $1,199.00InquireFor Sale
SALAMANDER DESIGNSSynergy Amp Stand – Walnut$249.00InquireFor Sale
SALAMANDER DESIGNSTV Mount and Posts for Synergy Cabinets – bolts to rear of Cabinet$499.00$99.00For Sale
SALAMANDER DESIGNSFusion 375 CD/Media Rack – Cherrywood$499.00$99.00For Sale
SOUND ANCHORS Vandersteen 2Ce Series Speaker Bases$185.00$95.00For Sale
JVC3D Glasses and IR Emitter for JVC Projectors$279.00InquireFor Sale
ENERGYEAS-6W In-Wall Speakers$399.00$199.00For Sale
KEFVarious In-Wall/In-Ceiling SpeakersInquireFor Sale
PARADIGMVarious In-Wall/In-Ceiling SpeakersInquireFor Sale
PARADIGMStylus 370 Outdoor Speakers – pair White$699.00InquireFor Sale
ISOLATION PLATFORMSVarious Symposium, Maple and Granite Isolation Platforms and FeetInquireFor Sale