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Established in 1986, John Fort Audio Video has always provided the very best products and services to our clients. With 35 years total experience in Audio Video we strive to take our customers to a higher level of quality. System design, installation and service blend to form an exceptional experience for you. We provide Media Rooms, dedicated Theater Rooms, distributed audio throughout the Home, and 2-Channel Audio Systems. We can integrate all the electronic systems in your Home with easy to use control systems.

A select group of manufacturers have chosen us to be their exclusive representatives in this area. We are constantly researching and bringing the best products to our clients. Always in search of the best, we are also focused on value. We strive to provide quality at all price levels. Whether you are interested in basic or extreme high end we can deliver an experience that is just right for you.

We listen to our clients. Our goal is to match the components and cables to create a balanced system. We achieve a synergy that elicits the best performance from your equipment. Come in and talk to us about your needs and see what we can do for your system.